Worlds Collide

Scandic debuts the Downtown Camper hotel in central Stockholm

The former Scandic Sergel Plaza hotel in Stockholm has been reborn as the Downtown Camper. Commissioned by Scandic Hotels to transform that conventional property into an “urban base camp” was Stylt Trampoli AB, a Swedish architectural/design firm.

“Our goal was to create a relaxed oasis in the city,” says Erik Nissen Johansen, Stylt Trampoli’s founder and creative director. “The idea was to design a new way of staying there and interacting with others—call it camping with a twist.”

Downtown Camper | Guest Room | Stylt Trampoli

A Downtown Camper guest room. Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic

In keeping with that concept, the designers incorporated a variety of outsdoorsy touches in the hotel’s public spaces and guest rooms. When it comes to the former, Johansen points to such elements as a large hammock net above the reception area that’s capable of holding up to 20 people at a time and a set of kayaks that guests can utilize to explore Stockholm’s archipelago; the glassed-in fireplace in Campfire, the hotel’s all-day restaurant, that can be opened for marshmallow roasts; and a meeting room anchored by massive log table.

Downtown Camper | The Nest | Stylt Trampoli

The sauna at The Nest, the hotel’s rooftop wellness oasis. Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic

For guests seeking an even more soothing experience, the designers created The Nest, a rooftop wellness center whose offerings include a heated pool, sauna, showers, a juice and cocktail bar, and panoramic views.

Downtown Camper | Campfire Restaurant | Stylt Trampoli

The hotel’s Campfire Restaurant. Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic

As for its accommodations, the hotel has 494 guest rooms and nine suites, all reflecting the urban explorer theme. “The materials palette for the rooms is comprised of warm, natural wood, wool, leather and stone, with fun, playful details sprinkled in, such as colorful climbing ropes and eclectic traveler/explorer props,” says Johansen.

Downtown Camper | Game Room | Stylt Trampoli

Downtown Camper’s main game room sits adjacent to its meeting spaces. Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic

The property’s set of co-living suites cater to guests who prefer social experiences over solitary ones, he adds. “Instead of the traditional hotel suite, we created an option that allows you to host your friends for dinner, laughs, and an overall great time. Without having to leave the comfort of your suite, you can hire an in-room bartender, dine, or play board games at a game table, while still having a private bedroom for each person.”

Bottom line here: Thanks to Stylt Trampoli, it turns out the phrase Downtown Camper is not an oxymoron.

Downtown Camper | Guest Room | Stylt Trampoli

Another view of a Downtown Camper guest room. Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic