Stony Statement

Hard Rock meets heavy metal in a big way at the Lucky Kabob Bar 2.0.

Boutique Design

Seeking to create a timeless escape from the bustling streets of Beijing within the confines of the renovated Lucky Kabob Bar, Robot 3 Studio subdivided the venue’s main dining room with a series of vertical black flagstones. In their design brief for the 2,100-sq.-ft. space, Robot 3 Studio co-founders Pan Fei and Wang Zhi said they installed 23 stone tablets for what they dubbed the restaurant’s 2.0 version because they “have witnessed the history of mankind. They are bystanders of human civilization.”

Lucky Kabob Bar 2.0 | Dining room

Dining room detail. Photo: Courtesy of Robot 3 Studio

Nestled among those monolithic dividers are spare dining stations, consisting of elm tabletops and aluminum chairs. Providing a dramatic visual counterpoint within the space—and adding a distinctly man-made touch—is an overhead riveted brass sheet that’s 36-ft. long and 14-ft. wide.

Lucky Kabob 2.0 | Communal dining

Communal dining area. Photo: Courtesy of Robot 3 Studio

The restaurant is also home to an 18-seat communal dining space that’s set off from the rest of the space with walls consisting of galvanized iron slats, and a restroom vestibule that catches the eye via its use of light-colored polycarbonate sheeting.