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Hotel Indigo Venice–Sant’Elena

Hotel Indigo Venice–Sant’Elena

In this lobby, history repeats itself

April 14, 2020 | , , , , ,



THE DESIGN FIRM: The Hickson Design Partnership (THDP), London

THE MUSE: Link it up. Use Sant’Elena Island’s history and legends as inspirations for this former convent. The story: the island’s name originates from the mother of Constantine the Roman Emperor, who based the capital of the Roman Empire in Constantinople. “There is an emphatic link between Venice and the byzantine culture, the city being the West’s door to the East,” say Nick Hickson and Manuela Mannino, partners at THDP. THE MAGIC: Tell the story, but don’t give it all away on the first page. Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg? As you enter the hotel, you can’t miss the two demure reception desks clad in deep green and gold. But you have to look closer to glimpse the objets d’art that peek out from behind the lush velvet curtains and showcase discoveries from faraway lands. Then, an earthy color palette with oriental influences surrounds and complements. And that’s just a quick stop on the journey which leads through to the bar and restaurant. Don’t forget to look up and steal a glance at the lighting installation. The green and light mustard tones recreate the colors that wash over the streets of Venice, reflected in the green lagoon waters.

THE MAVERICK MOVE: Opening what once was closed. While researching the building’s history, the team discovered an opening that had previously been shuttered. They took advantage of that to install French windows. “This new feature is essential in defining the visual line toward the garden and fills the restaurant area with the sunlight of Venice,” the partners say.

THE MESSAGE: Sometimes it’s okay for history to repeat itself—but, much like the pops of bright red amid earthy tones, don’t forget to revise it a little.



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