Soelberg in at SONNY+ASH

Joe Soelberg is the firm’s new ceo and owner

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Joe Soelberg | SONNY+ASH

SONNY+ASH announced the acquisition of their namesake firm. Joe Soelberg, new ceo and owner, takes the reins, effective immediately.

“I felt that Joe (Soelberg) and his experiences, made him the right person to usher the SONNY+ASH brand into the next phase of opportunities and maximize the return to our employees who have worked tirelessly to ensure the brand was a success,” says Sonny Sultani, cofounder of SONNY+ASH. Sultani will take on the role of consultant to the firm.

The firm, established in 2006 as Studio Rendering Inc. and re-branded to SONNY+ASH in 2015, enlightened the design industry on the value and expanded uses of renderings, virtual reality and augmented reality.

“I have been looking to purchase a business for quite some time. When I began looking at SONNY+ASH, I knew almost immediately that I had found an opportunity worth pursuing because there are so many positives to this business,” says Joe Soelberg, ceo of SONNY+ASH.

Prior to acquiring SONNY+ASH, Soelberg was a commercial leader in two different Fortune 500 firms. Soelberg currently serves as the Brigham Young University Chicago Alumni Chapter President. He has been awarded an Experienced Commercial Leadership Program diploma from General Electric.

Photo: Courtesy of SONNY+ASH