Boutique 18 Update: Grace Machado McClurg

Now at STYLE Interior Design, McClurg is working to bring a hospitality-oriented design sensibility to multi-family venues.

Then: Puccini Group, design director, San Francisco
Now: STYLE Interior Design, director of design, Phoenix

Grace Machado McClurg. Photo: STYLE Interior Design

When and why did you make a job change since being named to the B18? 
Shortly after receiving that honor, I joined STYLE Interior Design as its director of design. As a result, my career has shifted from a strict focus on restaurant and hotel design to bringing a hospitality approach to multi-family venues. This has been an exciting new experience for me. And, in 2016, I got an opportunity to expand STYLE’s geographic footprint, by opening an office in Phoenix, where we continue to grow our team and portfolio beyond the firm’s longtime California base.

What major changes have you seen in the design field since joining the B18? 
As social media continues to connect us, our individual exposure to global art, fashion and culture has greatly expanded. With our reach and resources continuing to grow, the execution of a curated, comprehensive and authentic design is more important than ever.

How did becoming part of the B18 impact your career? 
It’s helped me to further establish myself as design leader in the larger hospitality design industry. Being recognized by peers and leaders who inspire me has been the greatest compliment and accolade.

What are you working on now? 
I’m working with the STYLE leadership to grow our team of designers with an understanding of hospitality design and continuing to explore ways that hotel and restaurant design can influence and change the way we approach multi-family properties. Our current projects include work in Portland, Oregon; Seattle; Baltimore; Kansas City; the San Francisco area; and greater Los Angeles.