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Stylt To Update Laisaliden Hotel

New concept being developed for Swedish property

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Stylt Trampoli has been hired to develop a new concept for Laisaliden, a 65-year-old hotel in the Vindelfjällen mountains of Sweden. The locale closed for renovations in the aftermath of its acquisition last year by developers Fort Knox and Norrland 2.0, and a reopening date has not yet been set.

The team working on the update also includes Cecilia Sandström, food and beverage manager at Blå huset. Sandström has previously worked on concepts for Stora Hotellet and Gotthards Krog.

“We are very much looking forward to this collaboration,” says Erik Nissen Johansen, creative director at Stylt, a Swedish architecture firm whose recent projects include the Spedition Hotel & Restaurant and HUUS Hotel in Switzerland and The Well in Oslo, Norway. “The Laisaliden area is already well worth a visit. Our job is to find ways to elevate the experience and to do the surroundings justice. It’s a truly magnificent and inspiring environment and there is an engaging story behind the hotel. It’s a very good base to work from.”

Markus Olsson, ceo at Fort Knox, adds: “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Stylt before, for example when developing Stora Hotellet in Umeå. It is a tremendously competent team that understands our ambitions for Laisaliden and what we want to accomplish together.”