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Redbury South Beach Opens Cleo

Mediterranean restaurant features shared dining experience

Boutique Design

sbe and hotel owner Blue Road bring chef Danny Elmaleh's Cleo concept to Redbury South Beach with the opening of a new 180-seat restaurant. The food-and-beverage venue will be overseen by executive chef Richard Bennet.

The space features a mezze bar and an indoor/outdoor atmosphere that nods to the international Cleo brand. Food will be served in the brand’s signature shared-plate style for a social dining experience. Cuisine will offer a contemporary twist on the eastern and southern Mediterranean, with some dishes prepared in a wood-burning oven. The team will also draw inspiration from the flavors of Miami that celebrate the local culture.  

sbe has seven open Cleo locations in its portfolio. Ten more Cleo restaurants are in the pipeline, including outposts in London, Paris and Atlanta.

Photo: Courtesy of sbe