The Salt brand will open its first property in Mauritius this November

Boutique Design

Paul Jones, ceo of The Lux Collective, is spearheading a new boutique brand called Salt Resorts. The brand will join sisters Lux Resorts and Tamassa.

The first property will open in Mauritius this November, when developers convert a shuttered hotel into the 59-room Salt of Palmar. That building was first designed in 2005 by architect Maurice Giraud and then updated by architect Jean Francois Adam and designer Camille Walala.

The brand will focus on wellness, and the Salt Equilibrium spa will offer the only salt room in the Indian Ocean. Hotels will not stock single-use plastics, each will have an on-property farm, and locally sourced items will be used to prevent waste. The farm at the debut hotel will be run in collaboration with Island Bio, a local non-governmental organization that empowers people with skill-building programs.

Another location has also been confirmed for the new brand. The Salt of Wolong in Sichuan, China will open in 2020. Europe, Africa and the Middle East are also targets for the brand. Additionally, Lux is working to expand Tamassa and plans to launch another brand this year.

Photo: Courtesy of Salt Resorts