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La Jolla Beach to Add The Shoal

1950s Travelodge has been transformed into an upscale boutique hotel

Boutique Design

Downey, California-based Crisp Hospitality has redesigned a former Travelodge property from 1956 to an upscale boutique hotel. The Shoal at La Jolla Beach has been rebuilt to focus on sustainability with recycled-construction materials and energy-efficient fixtures.

Reused material can be found in structural beams of recycled wood. Window frames in guestrooms are made from recycled vinyl. The windows are made with low-e glass, which is designed to reflect heat, keeping the room naturally cooler. Flooring is reused laminate, and guestroom furniture was crafted from recycled metal and vinyl.

The hotel is set to open on Dec. 21. After opening, The Shoal will continue environmental initiatives and sustainable solutions by implementing renewable energy sources, a digital application to reduce paper waste and a chemical-free cleaning program.

Photo: Courtesy of The Shoal at La Jolla Beach