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Marilyn Monroe Spas is teaming with La Vida Investment Holding Pvt. Ltd. to franchise the brand’s throughout India. The 10-year agreement calls for the sale of 250 locations, with the first locales—which will be owned/operated by La Vida—slated to debut in New Delhi and Mumbai later this year.

“India is a vibrant market with potentially limitless growth potential driven by its favorable demographics, ongoing rapid expansion of its economy and pro-business climate,” says Jim Lewis, ceo of Orlando, Florida-based Marilyn Monroe Spas. “Marilyn Monroe holds an iconic status there as she does in most areas of the world, giving us great confidence that working with our local partner La Vida and its franchisees will establish Marilyn Monroe Spas as India’s leading spa and salon destination.”

Created and led by hospitality industry veterans and former Walt Disney executives, Marilyn Monroe Spas launched in 2014 and currently operates luxury locales in California, Florida, Hawaii, and New York, as well as large- and small-format spas in California, Florida and Texas.

“Marilyn Monroe’s unique blend of beauty, talent and humor has an enormous influence on pop culture, resonating with millennials who make up nearly 85 percent of her fan base,” says Corey Salter, executive vice president of celebrity and entertainment for New York-based Authentic Brands Group LLC (ABG), the brand development company that owns the actress’s estate. “We are thrilled to be expanding this partnership throughout India, a country whose population makes up approximately 3 percent of Marilyn’s social following and one in which Marilyn Monroe remains a constant trending topic on Twitter.”

The partners in the brand’s India expansion say they expect the venues to include stand-alone day-spa locations, as well as outposts within hotels and resorts. The agreement will target major metropolitan areas of India, including such cities as Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

“The strong, continued strength of the Indian economy has created strong demand for premium services and experiences by a middle class, which will soon exceed 100 million people,” says Jyotirmoy Bose, executive director and group ceo of New Delhi-based La Vida Investment Holding. “This is particularly true in the spa and salon segment, which is what drove us to capitalize on this iconic brand and outstanding franchise concept.”

The deal marks the brand’s first international franchise agreement, but Marilyn Monroe Spas says it’s exploring other regions including Canada, China, Dubai and several South American markets.


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