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Artist teams have been chosen to create designs for the 30th Icehotel in Sweden, which will open in December.

Three teams have been selected to create the new main and ceremony hall in addition to the Icebar in the Icehotel 365 hotel, which is open all year.

Jens Thoms Ivarsson and Mats Nilsson will design the main hall. They started their design studio Thoms & Nilsson in 2002 and have done numerous projects all over the world. Thoms Ivarsson has previously worked as creative director for Icehotel (2012-2016). Since 2003 the designers have done more than 60 projects all around the globe for Icehotel, 33 of these were Icebar. This year will be their 18th year at Icehotel.

Kauppi & Kauppi will design the ceremony hall. A studio and designer duo (Nina and Johan Kauppi) with roots in the very south and north of Sweden, the pair established their firm in 2016. Their partnership with Icehotel started 16 years ago, and they have created several art suites for the hotel.

Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison will design the new Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi. Voisin is a French landscape and interior designer. Brison has many facets, including urban planning, architecture, design, scenography and artistic direction of festive events.

Additionally, 15 artist and suite titles were selected for the project, including:

“The Day After” from Marjolein Vonk, art director, stylist and artist, Netherlands and Maurizio Perron, sculptor and artist, Italy

“Subterranean” from Jörgen Westin, artist and industrial designer, Sweden and Daniel Rosenbaum, artist and designer, Australia/ Canada

“Feline Lair” from Brian McArthur, artist and sculptor, Canada and Dawn Detarando, artist and sculptor, Canada

“Ruossut – the light you can hear” from Anna Öhlund, photographer, sculptor and artist, Sweden and John Pettersson, lighting designer, Sweden

“Clear Water” from Anna Sofia Mååg, artist and sculptor, Sweden and Niklas Byman, entrepreneur and former Icehotel ice-production technician, Sweden

“Echoes – of the Torne River” from Francisco Cortés Zamudio, artist, Chile/Germany

“White Santorini” from Haemee Han, designer and landscape architect, USA/South Korea and Jaeyual Lee, architect, U.S.

“Bone Room” from Robert Harding, artist and sculptor, UK/South Africa/Spain

“Spring Dream” from ZhaoLei, artist and sculptor, China and Zhao Yong, artist and sculptor, China

“Golden Ice” from Nicolas Triboulot, designer, France and Jean-Marie Guitera, sound and game designer, Australia

“Kaleidoscope” from Natsuki Saito, ice sculptor, architect, designer, Japan and Shingo Saito, ice sculptor, Japan

“A Night At The Theatre” from Jonathan Paul Green, production designer, U.K. and Marnie Green, art student, U.K.

“Tip Of The iceberg” from Franziska Agrawal, industrial designer and artist, Germany

“Warm Up” from Tomasz Czajkowski, interior designer, Poland and Aleksandra Pasek, psychologist and writer, Poland

“6 Feeling” from Vladimir Barsukov, sculptor and photographer, Russia and Ekaterina Barsukova, designer and sculptor, Russia

Rendering, “A Night At The Theatre”: Courtesy of Icehotel


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