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Hilton has plans to add two more lifestyle brands to its portfolio, according to the hotelier’s president and ceo Chris Nassetta speaking during the company’s second-quarter earnings call.

“There are a couple of things that we are working on, both in the lifestyle space. One which I think you know is a very large scale opportunity on a global basis, which I would say is sort of upscale lifestyle,” he said during the call, which was transcribed by Seeking Alpha. “I would describe it as sort of a click above Hilton Garden Inn for a more urban or mixed use sort of a higher end development opportunity.”

Nassetta said that the brand company has already soft launched it with its development community. The company has plans to hard launch it within the next six months.

The second brand that Hilton has in the works is a luxury lifestyle brand, according to the transcript.

“We’ve talked about it for a better part of a decade. We will eventually want and be in that space, but we’ve been trying to focus on some of these other opportunities that we think, as we talked to our customers, will drive more engagement, more loyalty and sort of help feed the network at a larger scale,” adding that he foresees this brand coming to market within the next couple of years. 

“Given that we are in our early days, propagating the breadth and depth of our brands around the world, with the list that we have and the two I said, that would be 19 brands,” Nassetta said. “That is plenty of bandwidth for us to keep growing indefinitely, particularly given that we are just getting started with some of these brands in many destinations around the world.”

Photo: Courtesy of Hilton


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