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Hard Rock Intl. is rolling out a new select-service hotel brand geared toward the creative class and millennial-minded travelers. Project participants say the flag—Reverb by Hard Rock—is expected to be a growth driver for the company, with plans to target gateway and secondary markets, including college towns, music capitals and up-and-coming destinations.

Plans for the flag were announced at the 39th annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference.

In addition to creatives and millennials, the brand will cater to families, pet-attached and cost-conscious travelers, and small groups, with such amenities as flexible co-working spaces and modular guest room furniture. A specific timetable for debuting the concept was not immediately available.

The concept has been designed for conversions and adaptive reuse projects, and is expected to cost about $150,000 per key to develop. Development specifications for each hotel include 100 to 150, 300-sq.-ft. guest rooms; 6,000 sq. ft. of public space; 1,500 to 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting space; and 10,000 sq. ft. for back-of-house operations. Planned amenities include F&B offerings (including a lobby bar and bistro); fitness facilities; filtered water stations on each guest floor; and a pool and deck.

Each Reverb by Hard Rock will include 11 signature elements: 

  • A “Step & Repeat” entry with digital signage and an audio/video wall
  • A “Fly-By” check-in featuring pods with options to bypass or have a self- or assisted-check-in experience. 
  • A “Constant Grind” coffee/bar venue that serves as a barista café by day and a bar at night. 
  • “Communal Steps,” or stepped and powered lounge seating
  • “The Stage,” a programmed indoor/outdoor live entertainment zone
  • Local art and craft vending
  • “Sound Booth,” a semi-private workspace and broadcasting studio
  • Flexible co-working meeting space 
  • Modular furniture and bedding in the guest rooms—including pieces with integrated LED lighting
  • A “Brighten the Bathroom” illuminated and audio-equipped vanity 
  • Expandable sleep space, including porter beds and bunks, in which a sofa and a piece of artwork conceal an extra mattress.

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