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Get out your to-do list and make room for two more things. 

First up, take time—make time—-to nominate a rising star for the 2019 Boutique 18 (B 18) awards. Each year, Boutique Design (BD) recognizes the emerging talents who are already pushing the boundaries of “good” design. We’re looking for designers with seven to 15 years of experience in shaking up the status quo conceptually, but also in advancing the technical side of creative work and delivering ideas that make the daily work environment better, smarter, faster and more rewarding both personally and on the bottom line.

It’s always been BD‘s perspective that no demographic or psychographic has a monopoly on good ideas. Heads of firms have a huge platform from which to continually revolutionize, or least evolve, hospitality’s interior environments.  But, what the guest sees and experiences isn’t the work of one person. It’s a team effort, and some of the rising stars on that team shouldn’t have to wait for a lifetime achievement award to have their role recognized and applauded. 

While it’s pretty amazing to stand on the stage during the awards gala at BDwest in Los Angeles (save the date: March 13-14, 2019), earning a spot on the B18 is about more than picking up a trophy. This award has been a launching pad for the careers of many designers who went on to take on key positions in influential firms of all sizes—or start their own. It’s also an opportunity for nominators to take an action step in stopping the brain drain from the industry. This celebration of upcoming talent helps reinforce the idea that we all need to make sure we’re nurturing and supporting the best and brightest, and opening up a career path with lots of blue sky ahead. So be part of the solution and send in your nomination to BD‘s editor Emily Potts by Oct. 16.

Then, expand your own horizons–and your skill set–with the webinar being presented by BD in partnership with AVIXA (the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Assn.) set for 2 PM (EDT) Thursday, Sept. 27. Take a late lunch, take a walk or take some time out with anyone who wants to know more about the design side of tech and listen in as experts offer new strategies for leveraging the power of audiovisual and digital design innovation.

Love it or loathe it, you can’t just blow off the impact of integrated experiences or hand the tech piece over to consultants without understanding the possibilities. Think about it. Wouldn’t you be more likely to remember an interactive art gallery display at the end of a corridor that would “turn on” as you approached, then shift the imagery as you watched than you would recall one more print? How likely are you to Instagram a lobby wall that’s really part touchscreen/part concierge and can help you with neighborhood wayfinding with the touch of a finger? Or when public spaces light up, change color, and shift visuals day-to-night?  

All of that innovation will be under the microscope at the webinar. Helping designers learn how to leverage that will be Kavitha Iyer, senior manager design, Marriott Intl. and Josh Held, president of Josh Held Design. Brad Grimes, AVIXA’s senior director of communications, will moderate the hour-long session. Here’s your chance to hear about the latest tech tools, how to master them and how to incorporate them into concepts your clients and their customers will embrace.