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Great design is functional and effective—it isn’t decoration. It defines trends and stands the test of time. It caters to different tastes and aesthetics. It breaks the rules; it follows the rules. (But, it’s a lot more fun to break the rules, right?) Every detail matters. Sound familiar? These universal principles carry over to every design discipline. But perhaps the most important aspect of great design is how simple and seamless it is to the end user, even if the process was messy and complex (which is often the case). This is especially true in this industry, with so many moving parts and so many different people involved in bringing hotel projects to fruition. But it’s also incredibly exciting—which is why I’m thrilled to join Boutique Design (BD) as the new editor in chief. I’m looking forward to exploring every aspect of hospitality design, and bringing a fresh voice to this community. 

I’ve been an editor and writer in the design industry for more than two decades, covering branding and identity projects through the eyes of studio principals and creative directors and learning first-hand how they predict what end users will want and need 12 to 18 months—and years—out. I’ve interviewed the designers behind behemoth brands such as Starbucks, Target, Dove, PinkBerry, and Nike to name a few. Concepts and consumer goods like these are much more than products—they are part of our daily lexicon and they are lifestyle drivers. People align themselves with their favorite products and services and become brand ambassadors, which is more important than ever in our Snapchat/Instagram world. 

And it’s no different in the hospitality design industry. For instance, Ace has become a descriptor for cool, urban hipsters. Sydell Group’s NoMad, Freehand and The LINE Hotels sum up new approaches to lifestyle concepts. Major global brands are tailoring their design and service menus to the individual guest with the aim of making each traveler and visitor a champion on their behalf. 

In the hospitality world, design is integral to crafting spaces that make travelers look, book and book again  I’m blown away by the strategies, execution and level of detail that goes into every touchpoint. I can’t wait to connect with the creatives who imagine these provocative environments and share every facet with you in the pages of BD. If you have a story idea, email me or reach out on social media, or if you’d rather save your thoughts for an in-person chat, come to Boutique Design New York (BDNY) Nov. 11 and 12 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. I’m looking forward to sharing insights with everyone who has a hand in creating distinguished design experiences in the hospitality world.