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Whether you’re a diehard fan of films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Royal Tenenbaums or you’ve only seen trailers, Wes Anderson’s style has had an inescapable influence on design.  From his zany approach to the multi-period influences his movies often play with to the often-wild color palette, plenty of hospitality spaces pay tribute to his aesthetic. Plenty of directors pick up on the Zeitgeist, but Anderson’s one of the select few who help create it. Case in point: Prada has repeatedly collaborated with Anderson, his characters (male and female) have served as fashion muses and pretty much anyone you ask can define a “Wes Anderson moment.”

Wes Anderson

Considering that one of his best-received movies takes place in a hotel, you don’t have to be a kid-genius Tenenbaum to understand why Anderson’s work is so eminently translatable to hospitality spaces. In Boutique Design’s chat with our May cover subject, Graduate Hotels’ chief creative officer Andrew Alford, the auteur’s aesthetic and influence were top of mind. But, I don’t need to just tell you. Here’s a shot of Graduate Providence’s lobby. For more on the design detail, well, pick up or download our May issue, but for now, here is a question. Is it just me or does this give you some Grand Budapest Hotel vibes?

Graduate Providence

What’s your favorite Anderson movie and how did he influence your own work?