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Hospitality Style


  • BDwest brings gathering space cool to the trade fair experience.
  • Acclaimed architect leaves a legacy of innovative design. Public memorial will be held April 27.
  • CCS Architecture’s design for the Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s eateries takes the “hotel” out of “hotel restaurant.”
  • Manufacturers are making their voices heard on the issues that matter to them.
  • It might be easier to find products that are sustainable, but making a statement still takes legwork.
  • One of UXUS’ chief creative directors on starting UXUS and what hotel design needs.
  • Stella Cadente talks about designing Paris’ Hôtel Original and making escapist fantasy a three-star reality.
  • Social media offers designers a myriad of ways to connect with clients. Here’s a primer on which ones serve which purpose best.

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