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Scott Cameron Brown | HBA

By Boutique Design News

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1 Briefly, tell us about your background.

Growing up on Mercer Island running around art galleries with my mother, the artist, and my father, the architect, paved the way for my career as a designer. I studied design in Washington State before moving to L.A., where I developed my style: strong, sophisticated spaces that gracefully marry colors, cultures and fashions. I sketched my first floor plan when I was eight and it’s still showcased in my portfolio today.

2. What are your goals as a designer (to promote sustainability, make people feel comfortable, change the world, etc.)?

My goal is to create lifestyle for others. Developing a personal style that reflects each clients’ needs and desires within an environment that works. The fine balance between form and function has always been a driving inspiration for me. Environmental sensitivity is key! Even though hospitality spaces may be temporary, the impact of materials is long-term.

3. How do you work those goals into your design work?

I always try to follow my own path - freedom to think outside the box is the essence of great design.

4. 2009 has been a challenge thus far. However, with change comes opportunity. What opportunities do you see?

Design Populism is so in! Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Even with the state of the economy, new hotel brands seem to keep cropping up. Mid-tier, extended-stay concept targeted for savvy consumers are on the rise. I see amazing opportunity ahead to create a big look on small budgets.

5. What type of hospitality environments appeal to you personally?

I enjoy exotic resorts that focus on “sense of place,” emphasizing tranquility, comfort and timelessness. I love it when a hospitality environment touches the soul, makes life unique and creates special memories.

6. If you could create anything, what would it be?

I’ve always promised my sister I would build and design a sustainable family compound, full of small separate buildings and guest cottages… complete with compost piles and all! My passion for great design is fueled by the need to be surrounded by nature, landscape, objects and interiors that inspire and please the senses.


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