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Limited-Time Luxury

(January 2017) posted on Tue Jan 10, 2017

Eight pop-up cabins planned for Wales demonstrate how today’s temporary venues are using out-of-the-box design ideas to balance novelty with style.

By Christina Green

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Temporary designs should make a lasting impression. Just ask the architecture firms behind an ambitious pop-up glamping concept in Wales.

Slate Cabin  
Slate Cabin. Image: Courtesy of Epic Retreats

Dubbed Epic Retreats, the new hospitality model—launched to correspond with the Welsh government’s Year of Legends tourism campaign—will consist of eight custom cabins that will appear at three remote locations throughout the country in 2017. The kicker: The glamping pods will disappear without a trace by next year.

In fact, only 200 bookings are available for these off-the-grid hideaways overlooking the Welsh landscape. But Epic Retreats—a partnership between Best of Wales, Cambria Tours and George & Tomos Architects that’s partly funded by the Welsh Government’s Tourism Product Innovation Fund—still took careful measures to ensure each pop-up’s look would be innovative and culturally relevant.

Arthur's Cave 
Arthur’s Cave. Image: Miller Kendrick Architects Ltd.

The eight designs were chosen through a competition that involved inviting architects from across the globe to create unique glamping units based on the country’s mythology, traditions and aesthetic beauty. Even the amenities, from sea fishing to beer tasting to meals prepped by top Welsh chefs, are specifically curated for each location.

Although the specific locations have not yet been unveiled, one will be by the sea, another is set for the mountains and the last is planned for a Wales heritage location, according to Travel + Leisure.

SKYHUT. Image: Courtesy of Epic Retreats

“From art hotels and castles to trendy hostels and boutique B&Bs, Wales offers a wide array of varied accommodation choices,” says Ken Skates, cabinet secretary for economy and infrastructure for the Welsh government. “The addition of our first pop-up glamping hotel creates additional potential to attract visitors from far and wide to experience our amazing landscape and heritage.”

Here’s a sneak peek into the innovative, hyper-local concepts for these luxury pop-ups:

Arthur’s Cave
Architect: Miller Kendrick Architects Ltd. (based in London)

Arthur's Cave
Arthur’s Cave. Image: Miller Kendrick Architects Ltd.

The design team drew inspiration from the legend of King Arthur and the cave where he and his knights slept while traveling to create this cabin. Locally sourced sheep’s wool insulation will be incorporated within the panels provide thermal insulation, while a full-width sliding door will offer panoramic views of the Welsh landscape.


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