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Independent Lodging Association Debuts

(March 2011) posted on Wed Mar 09, 2011

Group seeks to level legislative playing field

The Independent Lodging Industry Association (ILIA) has officially launched nationally, with an aim of promoting, protecting and advancing the interests of independent lodging owners and their management teams. With nearly 1,000 members across the country, ILIA says its mission is to give independent hoteliers in all states representation in Washington D.C. and their state capitols.

“Every year, laws are passed that impact the lodging industry,” said ILIA executive director Bobbie Singh-Allen. “In many ways, independent lodging owners are more similar to other small businesses than they are to the chain hotels and corporate franchises that currently dominate the policy making process."

Singh-Allen noted that franchising laws, tax regulations and occupancy taxes are among the issues being debated and decided in state capitols nationwide. The ILIA “will help level that playing field” in those debates.

The ILIA was founded by The California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA). The association said it began startup operations several months ago and is is already actively advocating legislation affecting independent lodging owners in Florida, California and Washington D.C.

Most ILIA members are individual owners of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, franchise hotels, resorts and other non-chain lodging and recreation facilities. ILIA is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif. For more information, go to



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